Rasta Aappati Kavach (Road safety Insurance)


Rasta Aappati Kavach or Road Safety Insurance is meant for [i] Individuals, [ii] Car Owners/Drivers, [iii] Public Rickshaw Owners/Drivers, [iv] Contract Bus/Truck Drivers/Cleaners, [v] Factory Workers and Large Groups, [vi] Motor Cycle/Scooters/Two Wheelers Owners.

The benefits under the policy are as under:-

The benefits are provided under two sections.

Section – I: This section provides protection against Personal Accident Insurance and the benefits are 1 to 4 as below and the Sum Insured varies from Rs.25,000/-; Rs.50,000/-; Rs.75,000/-  to Rs.1,00,000/-


1-Death Only (100% Capital Sum Insured)     –           1,00,000/-

2-Loss of two limbs, two eyes or one limb & –           1,00,000/-

One eye (100% CSI)

3-Loss of one limb or one eye (50% CSI)        –              50,000/-

4-Permanent Total Disablement other than  –           1,00,000/-

Those named above PTD (100% CSI)

Section – II: This section provides protection against Hospitalization Expenses.

Hospitalisation expenses incurred due to road accident which would normally give rise to

Third Party Claim under Motor Policies Motor Vehicle Act and Sum Insured varies from Rs.25,000/-; Rs.50,000/-; Rs.75,000/-  to Rs.1,00,000/-.

However, for settlement of the claim, Third Party Claim is not necessary.

It is important to note that:

  • That total number of passenger / Persons covered as per the Regional Transport Authority approval.
  • Claim amount to be given to Insured Only and affidavit obtained from Insured that amount of claim given to claimants.
  • That no claim shall be paid without Police Report i.e. F.I.R; Panchnama wherein the Registration Number of the vehicle and the Insured Personal travelling in the vehicle is to be disclosed.
  • Long Terms Policies can be issued.
  • Registration Number of the vehicle is to be mentioned in the proposal as well as on the Policy and without registration of the vehicle with Regional Transport Authority Policy cannot be issued.

This Policy is also designed for covering employees for an accident arising out of & in course of employment issued to Factory & Industrial Establishment.

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