Q1 – What are the coverage under Home Insurance?

Since home has different kinds of contents and probability of loss is exposed due to different perils. Normally separate covers are granted, however this policy has specially designed to cater the needs of the householder

Q2 – Whether Building and Contents both are covered?

Yes, building and contents both can be covered and separate value of building has to be expressed.

Q3 – Since contents of the house are old, how to arrive at the Sum Insured?

Sum Insured should be present day replacement value or similar new equipment of same make and model.

Q4 – Please elaborate the perils covered under the Policy?

The Perils are Fire, Flood, Riot & Strike, Burglary, housebreaking, larceny and theft risk.

Q5 – Whether insurance of contents is on selective basis?

No, each and every items of the house has to be insured and value of the items has to be expressed separately.

Q6 – Whether Silverware, Golden Items and Diamond jewellery has the coverage?

However, each item with numbers/pairs  and weight of the items has to be disclosed and the present day replacement value is to be taken as the Sum Insured.

Q7 – Modern construction has usage of Glass, whether it stands covered?

Fixed Glasses with specification and specific cost has to be expressed and these are covered under Section of Plate Glass.

Q8 – What additional coverage is there under Home Insurance ?

(a) Mechanical BreakdownAll Electrical &/or Electronic items can be covered under Mechanical breakdown section and items due to Electric Short Circuit and high voltage is damaged is held covered.

(b) Workman CompensationThere are Servants, Cooks, Gardeners and Drivers for day to day help which are your paid Employees thus Employer-Employee relationship is established for which all of them have coverage under Workman Compensation Liability.

(c) Public LiabilityInsured is legally liable for bodily injury or loss or damage to property of third party limited to amount specified in the policy.

(d) Baggage InsuranceWhile travelling your baggage may get lost or damaged and is held covered except Cash, camera and Jewellery.

(e) Computer Insurance: All the items of the computer viz. Desktop, CPU and related items can be covered under this head.

(f) Padal Cycle Insurance: Loss &/or damage to the Pedal Cycle &/or its accessories are covered and also Public Liability cover upto Rs.10,000/-

(g) Personal AccidentPersonal Accident Risk to Insured & family members can be given in the Policy.

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