Insurance Claim Assistance



You Call your Agent.

Agent advises you on phone.

You ask as how to proceed to get your claim.

Agent himself is neither an expert in claims nor authorized by the insurance company to do so.

Agents asks you to check Insurance Company Website.

You check at the Insurance Company Website.

You call at the Insurance Company Customer Care.

You get bunch of forms & formats which you need to complete and submit for claims.

You have no idea of these documents, still you try and fill, Submit.

At times your documents get rejected for some or the other incomplete info.

Again the same cycle of co-ordination starts.

If the case has any complication & has some legal angle to it, the matter bounces over your head.

Failure to deal with Claims properly results in delayed settlement or less amount settlement or even no claims.



You call at the Claims Helpline.

RMoney Executive records your claim.

RMoney Executive co-ordinates with the Insurance Company.

We get all the documentation done on your behalf, explain you everything.

You simply sign the papers, we take care of the troubles.

Even if the case has any complication & has some legal angle to it, our Claim Experts do all the negotiations at the highest level.

You get your Claims Quickly.

Insurance is product made to take care of Distress but Claims become an Stress. Not any more, with Raghunandan Insurance Brokers, rest assured of timely and smooth claim settlement.

5 Reasons Why Rmoney Offers The Best Claim Assistance To You.

24 Hrs Claim Helpline

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